2007 – 19 May 2021

We were living in Fort Drum, New York in 2009, where Wayward was stationed at the time, with Spartan – our cat – as our only pet. Wayward had been wanting a dog for a long time and while I was reluctant to add another animal to the mix, we visited a local humane society in Watertown.

Wayward had said specifically that he wanted a beagle of some kind, as he had grown up with a beagle/boxer mix as his companion. We roamed through the building, there were a lot of dogs, lots of excitement, tail-wagging, and happy woofs. We looked over and laying quietly in his kennel was this black and white beagle mix, a real-life Snoopy – who gave us a friendly wag of the tail – and both Wayward and I knew that we were taking him home.

He had his quirks. He was lightning fast, able to outrun even some of the faster dogs at the park. His nose was a beacon and if he got loose, he’d follow it and nothing could contain him. He slipped leashes, collars, and even a body harness and disappeared for days chasing whatever it was his nose had picked up. He had separation anxiety, chewing up controllers, some bars off of a metal kennel, and he even chewed himself a hole in his plastic kennel, I coming home to find him half out of it with his butt still in the kennel was an amusing sight. Eventually we got him through his anxiety and as we moved from place to place, from New York to Arizona, from Arizona to Washington State, from Washington to Maryland, and Maryland to Virginia, he followed with us. He was introduced to Moxxi and the kids, he lost Spartan as well when Spartan passed away. An adventurous life and a full one. He was loved by us all.

He was quiet and contrary to the common beagle, he didn’t bark except when told to speak, and he barely let out one of those adorable beagle howls, but when he did, it would bring a smile. He was a calm companion for Moxxi, and in some of his later years when we had to put him on a diet as he’d turned into a little bit of a roly-poly, he’d often tried to sneak off with her food. But though quiet and polite, he was apt to put Moxxi in her place when she was being too much. He was a sweet, refined old gentleman, and we’ll miss him nosing around for crumbs under our desks.

Thank you for loving us, old man.

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