When Wayward and I were dating and living together in Michigan in 2005, we decided to get a pet. Our first pet as a couple. I don’t remember why we chose a cat originally, but it was most likely my suggestion. Wayward grew up with dogs, I grew up with cats, and I probably sung the praises of an animal that was self-sufficient and independent, and maybe that’s what we were after at the time.

Enter Spartan. His original name was Charleston, given to him by the local humane society. We got to meet him when he was six weeks and take him home when he was eight weeks and he was just this absolutely adorable ball of fluff. He came with us as we began our life as a married couple in New York, he came to be a companion to Bowser (and later on my mom’s cat Patches), and traveled with us all over, starting from Michigan, then going to New York, Arizona, and then Washington State. He passed away suddenly, seven years ago today, only a month after Ben was born.

He was gentle, loved scratches underneath his chin and didn’t mind getting his belly rubbed. He continued to be a large ball of fluff who weighed in the neighborhood of 15 pounds, and we were convinced he was part Maine Coon because of it. He was a sweetheart, and we miss him greatly.

Needless to say, it’s been a rough week. A week ago today we lost Bowser, and the only real solace is that not only is Bowser no longer in pain and discomfort, but I truly feel and hope that he and Spartan have been reunited and can play and laze around until we see them again. I miss you both terribly.

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