The Sims 4

The Sims 4: Cottage Living – First Impressions

This is my first attempt at a review of sorts, and it’s really down to first impressions more than a detailed, in-depth review, but I hope you enjoy. I’ve been playing The Sims 4 for a long time, and I enjoy a lot of aspects about the game, especially when it comes to building. When Cottage Living was announced, I was more excited than I have been for an expansion pack in a long time! I know farming has been a highly demanded feature for years.

Some new features

Cottage Living released on Thursday – and if you were looking forward to the pack at all, you know about the massive issue surrounding its release – and it was a hyped pack and for good reason. For years there has been a large call for farming and this pack delivered on that with cows, llamas, chickens (there are foxes and wild birds as well), and more gardening additions, as well as canning! Lot challenges are now a thing, with one of them being “Simple Living” which requires you to have ingredients to make foods. So if you want some scrambled eggs for breakfast, you’d better head out to your chicken coop and grab some eggs!

Branwen, my witchy sim who lives in a small cottage in Glimmerbrook.

New rustic/country items

Another great part of this pack is everything you get in build/buy mode. It’s all very country, rustic, cottage style stuff and I love it as a builder. Also, the water tool was added as a base game update just before the release of the pack and it is a great opportunity to create a pond for your sims to wade in. You can create a cozy little cottage or a rustic country manor. There are great new objects that add that bit of charm to your sim’s home!

New kitchen furniture and decor!

Other thoughts

So is there anything this pack is missing? Everyone will have an opinion on this, but for me, it’s not missing anything. Yes, no new careers are added, but if you look at the long list of careers we already have, plus the ability to freelance, and the way this pack is themed as a sole ranching/farming pack, I don’t know that there would be a “career” you would necessarily add. Farming is not a career that you leave home to do. It’s at home, it’s always on, and you’re living off your land. It does add new recipes, new deaths, new aspirations, and as a whole, seems really fleshed out.

Compared to other expansion packs, I feel that they made sure to really focus on making this pack right, because let’s admit it, if this flopped, they could have potentially lost a lot of players. Farming has been one of the most verbalized wants out of the fanbase for literal years. Messing this up would not be good at all. Granted, that’s just my opinion, and I’m sure there’s one person out there that feels that they completely dropped the ball on this pack. Could the novelty wear off like other packs? I’m sure that the more I play, the more tedious it will feel to take care of all these farm animals, but I already feel like there’s a slight change in game depth, for me at least. I think with any pack, novelty will wear off quickly, but I think this is a pack where maybe the wearing off will be a teeny bit slower.

The water tool gives you the ability to create ponds – and add swans, ducks, and other water effects!

All in all, this is one of my favorite expansion packs. It’s beautiful, has a lot to offer, and adds some much-needed depth to the game!

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