Short Stories

Crane’s Light – Chapter 4: A Kiss

Lyra stood somewhat uncomfortably in Hideaki’s home as Rojin and Soyokaze said their goodbyes and departed, effectively leaving them alone. She cleared her throat as she took a sip of the foreign, sweet drink, watching him and feeling a light fogginess to her head.

She could feel her aura falter, suspecting the drink to be the culprit, when she noticed him watching her with a puzzled expression. “What is it?” He asked.

“I was able to make it through, but Rojin, Mango, and Hideaki are closed in there with the dragon.” Taigen had stated slowly, Lyra feeling an odd sensation in her stomach, as if it had dropped. She could feel the worry build in her as she began to pace, hoping that the sheer force of the three hard-fighting men would be enough to sustain them without anyone there to heal or help.

The large group from the Earth village had sought out to help a researcher and found themselves in what seemed to be a part of the Celestial Plane. As they moved through the various buildings, Lyra had looked for any sign of her mother but much to her disappointment she found nothing and hoped that her mother was safe, wherever she was. They managed to find themselves going through a tall gate only to find a large dragon, blue in color, and a formidable opponent. They fought with difficulty, Lyra having to help a few of their companions up multiple times as the dragon swished its tail dangerously and released roars with such force that it could knock one unconscious. Eventually the dragon lay slain and they started to make their way back. Lyra glanced back just before leaving, seeing Hideaki smile at her as the dragon rose behind him, clearly not as dead as they would have liked to think.

“I’m sure they’ll be fine,” Taigen said, glancing at them all, and Lyra nodded at his words. Of course they would be fine; they were phenomenal in combat, but that didn’t ease the sensation in her stomach. The group waited – mostly in silence – for the return of the men. Suddenly, the three appeared and Lyra breathed out a deep sigh of relief, the worry ebbing away as she noticed that Hideaki in particular was unharmed. It was then it dawned on her. I care about him.

The drink still in her hand, she stepped forward and leaned in, kissing him softly on the cheek. Pulling back, she glanced at him as he smiled at her. “What was that for?” He asked.

“I was worried when you didn’t come back and Taigen had mentioned you were stuck with the dragon. I also suspect this drink has alcohol in it.” Lyra answered with a small smile, her cheeks pink.

Hideaki smirked, a sparkle in his eyes. “I guess I’ll have to keep that drink on hand for you.”

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