Short Stories

Crane’s Light – Chapter 6: Home

“Wonderful, Lyra,” Gani murmured as she gave a small nod of approval. “I have taught you well.” Lyra smiled as her eyes briefly rested on her grandmother, eventually glancing back at the quaint treehouse that she had just completed.

It was almost a dainty little thing, square in shape – which had given her grandmother cause to wriggle her nose for some reason – with a ladder attached perfectly to the tree’s trunk and leading up to a hatch. She had wanted to have a treehouse, and Gani had offered her the opportunity to learn to build one of her very own.

Lyra gazed back at Gani, taking in the details of her grandmother’s face as well as the long braid of gray hair. “Who taught you how to build, Grammie?”

“My father,” Gani murmured with a smile as she peered at her granddaughter with sparkling green eyes. Lyra beamed up at Gani. “Thank you for teaching me.” She responded politely.

Gani stooped and picked Lyra up. “Oof, you are heavy. Are you sure you’re only ten?” Lyra giggled for a moment, but soon stopped as she noticed Gani’s face shift from one of happiness to one of pain. Gani set Lyra back down slowly and sighed.

“Are you alright, Grammie?” Lyra asked, feeling a strong surge of concern. As long as she could remember, her grandmother had been spry and quick, but seemed to now be slower and more careful with her movement. Gani smiled though pain showed through it. “Yes, love. I sometimes forget my age, and my body will at times harshly remind me of it.” Lyra frowned as her grandmother gazed at her and whispered, “Always listen to your body, Lyra.”

Lyra stared at the house she had just completed for herself and Hideaki with a small swell of pride. I wish you could see this, Grammy, she thought. I hope I make you proud. She heard a small croak and glanced up, following the sound and spotting a raven perched on the lower roof. She raised an eyebrow as she studied it, the raven appearing to be staring right back at her. Huh, odd.

“Is that a raven?” Hideaki mused as he appeared beside Lyra and gently took her hand. Lyra nodded as her fingers intertwined delicately with his, “It is. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in this area at all,” she responded, watching as the bird abruptly took flight.

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