The Plantagenet Project: Geoffrey, Count of Anjou

Hello there and welcome to the Plantagenet Project! Originally this was going to be a story-based playthrough of a real historical line of people, but given the fact that the story would be no more than just fictional blurbs, I have decided to remove the “story” aspect from this project, but still play the project, and give some updates as I go along! That being said, welcome to the first update, which is about Geoffrey, Count of Anjou!

Where does the project take place?

I bulldozed the largest lot in Henford-on-Bagley (Cottage Living expansion) and built a castle, complete with King’s chambers, Queen’s chambers, an official dining room, gathering room for small events, throne room, a small servant’s quarters, and three bedrooms for children. I also constructed an abbey that is a similar to Westminster Abbey for larger events.

About Geoffrey’s history

Geoffrey was the founder of the Plantagenet line, and the starter of this project. His parents were Fulk, King of Jerusalem, and Ermengarde, Countess of Maine. He married Empress Matilda, daughter of King Henry I of England, and together they had children Henry II, Geoffrey, Count of Nantes, and William, Viscount of Dieppe. With either a single unknown mistress or multiple, he fathered three illegitimate children, Hamelin, Emme, and Mary.

What happens in your game?

In my game, Geoffrey does marry Matilda, and they have all three boys, plus a daughter Elizabeth. He does sire three illegitimate children, plus an extra boy named Charles with one mistress, Cecily Thompson. Geoffrey has since passed away, and soon two of his sons will as well. Geoffrey and William both die as young men, while Henry II lives a longer life. Henry II becomes King of England and will be the subject of the next update! Here is the current family tree and progress of the Plantagenets so far!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I’ll see you for the next update!

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