The Sims 4 Legacy Challenge: Bridget Randolph

I like game challenges almost as much I like building in The Sims 4. The Legacy Challenge is one of the oldest – if not the oldest – challenges out there, originating in the days of The Sims 2. To this day I have never completed this challenge, and the furthest I got was somewhere around the fourth generation in The Sims 3 years and years ago. So why not make another try for it?

The Lot

I chose Sapphire Shores in Sulani as the family lot which is the required 50×50 in size and has the oceanic paradise (default), sunny aspect (my choice) and geothermal (my choice) traits. My goal by the end of the challenge is to have a two story home with a dedicated room related to each founder and heir’s personality/hobby. For example, the founder is active and an athlete, so one room will be a personal gym.

The Laws

I chose the equality gender law (either gender can become heir), strict traditional bloodline law (heir must be blood-related), and tolerant species law (species doesn’t matter) succession laws. I also chose two particular heir laws as I do plan to play this challenge both privately and publicly. Democracy will be the primary form of choosing an heir, whether I ask live on stream, in my Discord, or here on the blog and if for whatever reason I can’t ask, I’ve chosen random as the secondary law, and the heir will be chosen randomly.

The Sim

Meet Bridget Randolph, the Founder of this challenge. Her traits are active, dance machine, and proper, Bodybuilder is her aspiration, and she currently works in the Athletic career, Professional Athlete branch as a Minor Leaguer. She is currently dating townie Paolo Rocca. They are coworkers, clubmates, and have a lot in common!

I will update the challenge’s progress here on the blog, as well as Tumblr and maybe even Instagram. If you’d like to catch live streams, make sure you’re following me on Twitch!

Thank you for reading. If you like what I do and would like to support me and my content, please consider buying me a coffee. ♥

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