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The Sims 4 Calendar – Holiday Ideas

I love the calendar feature of The Sims 4. Seasons has always been my favorite expansion in The Sims franchise, closely followed by anything magic-related, and the calendar is one of my favorite features, as it gives you the ability to monitor birthdays, anniversaries, as well as create and customize your own! One of the first things I do in a new game is start adding things to the calendar, and here are the holidays I personally use, plus some other ideas for your own game!

Seasonal Festivals

The first holidays I add are the seasonal festivals. These occur usually on the first day of each season. In the view above, you can see where the spring festival occurs on the second day of Spring instead of the first, and that’s because there will be a legacy holiday added when my founder dies, and I can’t have two holidays on one day. Unless there’s a mod for that. Is there a mod for that? Anyway, every seasonal festival has Decorate as a tradition, then each festival has one more tradition that is related to its season. For spring it’s Cleaning, for summer it’s Water Fun, for fall it’s Gardening, and for winter it’s Baking. These festivals are just a great way to remind your sim to do their seasonal decorating, because I always forget until the day of, and decorating is usually done in advance of the holiday itself. Here are the holidays I’ve thought of and used in my games.

Non-Seasonal Holidays/Events

These can be done as holidays or possibly as events depending on how you want to work it. There are mods out there for some events as well!

Movie Night
Family Night
Bowling Night
Park Day (a great weekend activity for high-energy kiddos)
Sports Day (play sports at the park or watch your team play on TV every week)
Pool Day
Sunday Dinner
Annual Family Reunion

Spring Holidays

Spring Festival
Decorate for the season and do a bit of spring cleaning!

Love Day
Celebrate your soulmate with dinner and a movie, or celebrate yourself by staying in with some takeout or hitting the club with your friends!

Spring Break
A day off school/work to give the ol’ noggin’ a rest. Sleep in, play games, catch up on things you were behind on!

Bunny Day
Hunt for eggs, say hello to the flower bunny, do some baking, put together a nice big dinner and invite guests, or attend a holiday ceremony as a family.

Siblings Day
Celebrate your siblings with TV, games, and other fun!

Cowplant Day
Winter is over and it’s time to get the spring garden going!

World Day
Celebrate and appreciate the world your sims live in by doing some gardening and/or traveling to a new place!

Mother’s Day
Celebrate Mom by doing the chores, drawing her something special, cooking her a nice dinner, and/or giving her gifts!

Last Day of School
Celebrate the last day when you get home by going to the pool and getting a jump start on summer!

Remembrance Day
Remember the fallen (great for Decades Challenge stories and other similar challenges)

Burger Day
Pull out the grill! Warmer weather has finally arrived and it’s time to do some outside cooking!

Summer Holidays

Summer Festival
Decorate for the season, then get out and splash around!

Ice Cream Day (Cool Kitchen Pack needed)
Celebrate this cool sweet treat in a cone by the beach during a hot day!

Father’s Day
Celebrate all the dads with gifts, hugs, and letting him “rest his eyes” on the couch!

Summer Break
Get out to the pool or beach and splash around, have a drink along with some grilled dogs or burgers, tell stories around the fire and watch the fireworks after the sun goes down!

Beach Day
It’s the hottest day of the friggin’ year and it should be spent in the water!

Camping Day
Time to travel to your national forest or jungle, rent a cabin, and take in all the sights as a tourist on your last hurrah before the summer is over!

Autumn Holidays

Autumn Festival
Decorate for the season and do a bit of gardening to prepare for Harvestfest!

Spooky Day
Don your costumes, get some candy, and meet the spirits of those who came before you!

Day of the Dead
Remember those who have gone and take care of their final resting places.

Grandparent’s Day
Celebrate your grandparents by inviting them over for dinner, giving them a ring (or a text if they know how to do that), and giving/making them something nice!

Fall Break
School may have just started, but you may still need a break from all the pesky tests and schoolwork!

Brats and Booze Day
Grill up some hot dogs, have a drink or two in celebration, and watch some fireworks!

Pet Day
Celebrate the animals in your life with extra treats and a playday at your local park or take the day to adopt a new pet!

Winter Holidays

Winter Festival
Decorate for the season and do a little baking!

Self-Care Day
The days are short, the sunlight is almost nonexistent, and you might be feeling more down in the dumps than usual. Buy yourself a gift, order some takeout, and have something sweet while you relax and recharge.

Winter Break
Have a day off from all the schoolwork and tests!

Winterfest Eve
Decorate for the big day tomorrow! Maybe get yourself a new pair of PJs, bake some cookies, whip up a nice dinner, and decorate the tree!

Candle Day
The days are starting to get longer, it’s cold as all get out, but soon spring will return! Light some candles, start bonfire, stay warm by the fireplace, and welcome the return of light and warmth!

Dessert Day
Make something sweet and pair it with a nice cup of coffee at home, or visit a local café!

Snow Day
Celebrate all things cold! Jump in the ocean, build a snowpal, go snowboarding or skiing!

Game Day
Gather around the TV at home or your local bar and nervously eat and drink as you cheer for your team in the big game!


In my game, I’m using the following mods for my calendar:

More Club + Holiday Icons by Zerbu
Random Holiday Traditions by LittleMsSam
No Work Holiday Tradition by LittleMsSam
No School Holiday Tradition by LittleMsSam
More Holiday Traditions by Lolnyny
Toddler Traditions by Caradriel

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