The Sims 4

The Plantagenet Project: Henry II of England

It’s been some time since the last update, and quite a bit has happened since then, including a new generation, new heirs, and a new renovation of Windsor!

The New Windsor

The former Windsor Castle was cramped, and with more and more members of the royal family being born, I needed to expand. I did a complete renovation of the castle, adding many more suites, special rooms, and attached the castle to the abbey. I still need to decorate the exterior, and the current annoyance is that anyone coming home or visiting immediately goes to the abbey doors. I’ll look into ways of fixing this. I will also showcase the interior of the castle in a future post.

The Family

From left to right are Empress Matilda, photographs of her deceased sons William and Geoffrey, and her remaining son Henry II with his son Henry the Young King as they ponder over a game of chess.

Updated Family Tree

Henry II of England is the current King, with his wife Eleanor of Aquitaine by his side. Currently, they have had children William (died young), Henry the Young King, Matilda, Richard I, and Geoffrey II. Eleanor is currently pregnant with a girl, and two more children are destined to follow.

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