Champions is a special Sims 4 save for Extra Life donors. There will be a Spring season, Summer season, Fall season, and Winter season through 2022. Starting in the Summer season, the Champions will live in Newcrest, an empty world that will be customized just for this save. To join, you must donate to the specific Join Champions incentive. There are two options: $5.00 to join as an NPC (non-playable character), and $10.00 to join as a playable character. You can pick an empty lot, live by yourself, or live with other Champions as a playable character. As a non-playable character, you won’t be actively played and you won’t live in Newcrest, but the Champions can still interact with you! To join another season, you will need to donate again when that season begins. You can use a premade sim of your choice (no CC please, but any and all packs are fine), or I can create one for you.

Save Rules

Extra Life is a charity that involves fundraising for children and The Sims 4 is rated T for Teen. Because of this, and because I will only be playing this live on stream, the Champions gameplay will not contain themes that focus specifically on adult content. There will be no mods that remove the pixelated blur or introduce drugs and other explicit content, and champions woohooing with each other will be autonomous unless requested due to aspiration goals because I don’t want that to be the focus of gameplay. This save is for appreciating the generosity of donors to a great cause, and I don’t want that to be lost. I stream Champions every Saturday night on Twitch, and if you miss a stream, don’t worry; the VODs are uploaded to YouTube 24 hours after the broadcast ends!

About Extra Life

Spring Season (May 1st – June 30)

Manor One (Full)


Manor Two


Summer Season (July 1st – August 31st)

Fall Season (September 1st – October 31st)

Winter Season (November 1st – December 31st)