Green Getaway

I had never really played around with the terrain tools before and I know that I have been needing to do so. The opportunity to learn something new that can add some depth to some of my builds is something I needed to take. So here is Green Getaway, a rental cabin in Granite Falls!

The new pond tool that was added just before Cottage Living’s release is another tool I got to familiarize myself with, and will take some getting used to frankly for me. I love that you can add effects such as ducks, swans, or insects like dragonflies, and lightning bugs (known to most of you as “fireflies”). The cabin is small and cozy, nestled atop a hill with plenty of greenery both inside and out. No TV or other distracting electronics, because you’re here to have a vacation and unplug, right? For the interior decoration, I used the Country Kitchen Kit and I tried to use a lot of furniture and deco from Outdoor Retreat as well. Enjoy! (Gallery: ItsLuckyFreckle)

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