I was reading before I even started kindergarten. One of my all time favorites from my youth is The Forgotten Door by Alexander Key. Naturally as I got older I fell in love with the Harry Potter series, and eventually read The Hobbit as well as The Lord of the Rings. Writing is another passion of mine that I’ve recently started taking semi-seriously, and I’m in the midst of writing two stories that will perhaps find their way onto store shelves someday.

These stories – which I call drafts, as while I am writing them out, they are not completely finalized yet – are only available to my Ko-Fi members. Membership starts at $3.00 and will get you access to these stories via private links, as well as other exclusive content, your name here on the website as well as on any Twitch livestreams or YouTube video credits as a thank you, and more!

White Raven


We don’t always know what we want though we believe we do. We want success, wealth, love, family, power, freedom, or even all of them at once. At our best of times, we tell ourselves that we know who we are, what we want, and what we would do to get it.
But it is often during our trials that we discover who we really are, and it is during our biggest tribulations that we find exactly what – or even who – we had been unknowingly searching for.

A Duel of Roses

Coming soon.

Short Stories

While the two stories above are exclusively for Ko-Fi Book Club members, I also write shorter stories here on the website, and those stories could in fact wind up as larger stories of their own someday. These stories typically surround my Conan Exiles RP characters and their adventures. For example, Lyra is a character on the Time of Origins RP server, and her stories are based on what has happened through roleplay on that particular server. Lyra is also in the same family tree as characters from the White Raven and A Duel of Roses stories. You can find the family tree and a rundown of some of the characters in the Compendium!