Short Stories

Crane’s Light – Chapter 2: Tonic

“A handful of purple lotus,” Lyra murmured softly as she set a few purple petals into the mortar, her fingertips growing numb from the touch of them. She reached for the yellow flower to her left, plucking the petals from it. “A little yellow lotus,” she whispered, adding them to the purple petals. She gazed at the flower in front of her warily and began to delicately pluck a couple of petals, an uneasy feeling creeping up her spine as she did so, muttering, “A sliver of black lotus.”

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Short Stories

Crane’s Light – Chapter 1: Politics

Lyra gently closed the door behind her and slowly made her way downstairs, joining the small crowd that made their way into the Earth Capital. A meeting had been called to discuss and decide on a council and governor for their faction and Lyra was wary of the timing of this meeting as everyone had only just seemingly arrived in the past couple days, however she was a citizen and would at least watch the proceedings.

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